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About Marci Roberts & Desert Critter Wear

In 2005 I moved to Marathon, Texas from Austin. I don't ever remember actually making the know when you write the columns with pros and cons as you are making a huge life decision. It just happened...seemed like the thing to do. The main reason was my sweetie James H. Evans. I was an interior designer at the time, I had my own business in Austin, worked in NYC for about five years and had been working in my passion for almost twenty years. I was wanting a change. I remember rocking on the porch the day I arrived, talking to my friend Keith while looking out at the town of almost 500 people and saying "Oh my...what have I done?"

James and I had decided to open a new gallery for him on the main street and I would run it. He had been there since 1988. At the time he had a small little side business selling t-shirts with his images of Big Bend National Park on them and a critter or two. I took over that business and grew it. I added critters, put them on camisoles and dresses. The business blossomed. Last year I wondered if people would buy a tarantula on a pillowcase so I made some and sold them out in two weeks. Indeed...a spider on your pillow is a wonderful thing to many folks! With more and more requests from out of town buyers, I thought it was time I created a voila!

I love my life and the magnificent landscape that I live in. The critters are fascinating to me and I adore seeing them on wears and wares. You must be a critter lover too if you are on this site. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your support!

We will have new stuff...walking stick and a vinegaroon are coming!

James' critter images can also been seen in his new book "Crazy From the Heat", which came out in August 2011. Visit his site at

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